Torches - MIG/MAG

Handheld Torches

TBi Expert Mini Series

Very compact for best accessibility, Ideal for smaller torch models, Only gas cooled versions available…

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TBi Expert Series

Modern 2-component technology, Fits many powerful torch models, Perfectly balanced weight distribution…

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TBi Expert Plus Series

Modern 2-component technology, Fits most torch models, Remote control options available…

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TBi X-Power Series

Powerful gas cooled models, Threaded and insulated gas nozzles, Fitted with the TBi Expert handle…

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TBi Top 2000 Series

Especially powerful models, Suitable for wires up to 3.2 mm, Optimized consumable parts…

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TBi Classic Series

Models with rotatable torch neck, Quality products with reliable performance, Compatible to market standard consumable parts…

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TBi MOG Welding torches

Torches for Self-shielded welding (FCAW-SS), Different neck geometries available, Qick-change torch necks…

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TBi PP-TX Push-Pull

Very reliable wire feeding, Gas and water cooled versions, Can be configured for different welding applications…

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TBi Fume Extraction Torches

High extraction capacity, Well-proven robust design, Various sizes available…

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Machine Torches

TBi MT Series

New design with plastic handle tube, Improved insulation and longer clamping area, Powerful models with 2-circuit water cooling…

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TBi Aut Series

Many versions and sizes available, Massive construction of the clamping block, Top 2000 models with threaded nozzle…

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MIG Consumable Parts

We keep a very substantial stock of all common consumables and spare parts for TBi products and some other brands….

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