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TBi MIG-Tool 2

Indispensable multi-functional tool to, Clean (inside, outside, front) and remove the gas nozzle, Loosen and tighten the contact tip…

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TBi Anti spatter spray Classic

TBi anti spatter spray significantly reduces the adhesion of welding spatter to metal parts. If the spray is applied on the torch…

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TBi CeraProtect Anti spatter spray

Silicon free Ceramic-based Anti-Spatter spray The anti-spatter spray increases the lifetime of the gas nozzle and consumable…

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TBi Tip-Dip Anti spatter paste

TBi Tip-Dip forms a thin film on the gas nozzle that will effectively prevent adhesion of welding spatter. If used regularly, it will…

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TBi WSM-D Wire Speed Meter

Useful for quick measurement of the actual wire speed in the system. One-hand operated, digital display in m/min or Inch/min.

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Welding Accessories catalog

Download the latest version of our catalog here.

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