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OK 13Mn

OK 13Mn is an austenitic manganese steel electrode which work hardens under impact and compressive stresses. It is primarily used for…

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OK 33.80

A rutile iron powder electrode for high productivity fillet welding.

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OK 43.32

Easy-to-weld rutile type electrode for welding in the flat position. The good flowing properties of the weld metal give a good…

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OK 45.40

User friendly Rutile electrode for steel construction and welding fo sheet steel. Excellent bead apperance. All position.

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OK 46.00

OK 46.00 is the best, all-round, rutile electrode and it is relatively insensitive to rust or other surface impurities.

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OK 48.00

A reliable, general purpose electrode for manual metal arc welding of carbon steels, carbon manganese steels and fine-grained…

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