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High temperature ovens

The robust, high temperature oven has a digital display. It has accurate temperature control from 0-500°C. Visual temperature indication is by the digital display.

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JK 50 powder drier

The JK 50 is a container for drying and storing welding powder (flux).The JK 50 dries 50 litre flux at a maximum temperature of 500°C in around three hours.

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JS 200 storage silo

The JS 200 is a storage silo for welding powder (flux). The JS 200 keeps the flux dry and clean and also makes it extremely easy to handle the flux.

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PK 1 dry-storage container

The PK 1 is a light and handy dry-storage container for electrodes. It is easy to carry and has a storage temperature of around 100°C.

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PK 40 drying cabinet

The PK 40 is a robust cabinet for the drying and dry storage of electrodes, with space for 10 packs. The drying time is set manually at between 50 and 350°C.

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PK 410 drying cabinet

The PK 410 is a robust cabinet for the drying and dry storage of electrodes. The drying temperature can be regulated between 50 and 400°C (450°C 3-phase).

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PK 5 drying equipment

The PK 5 is a combined drying and dry-storage system for most types of electrodes. The drying time at full effect is 1-7 hours depending on the type of electrode.

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Portable drying oven-dual volt

This oven is designed for rugged site conditions, where it can be used as either a holding or a storage oven. Temperature range: 100-300°C…

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Heated Quivers are designed for use on installations with 100 volt or 240 volt supply. The quiver will maintain an even temperature of 100° C dependant…

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SK 40 dry-storage cabinet

The SK 40 is a dry-storage cabinet with 4 removable shelves for storing electrodes. The electrodes should be stored without packing.

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Stationary drying oven

These ovens can be used as the sole means of drying or as the intermediary, until transferred to a portable oven or quiver. Temperature range: 100-300°C thermostatically…

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Stationary drying oven Digital

As the Stationary Oven, but with a digital display…

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