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ESAB is a world leader in production of welding and cutting equipment’s and consumables since 1904. The ESAB brand is synonymous with leading expertise in various areas, manual welding and cutting equipment, welding consumables, automation to name a few.

Hyundai Welding Product Distributors & Suppliers


Established in 1975 in South Korea, Hyundai is a welding solutions company that has been providing cutting edge welding technologies and supporting the national and international construction, automotive, ship building, offshore and various other industries.

HARRIS Product Distributors & Suppliers


With a history that includes the invention of flame cutting torches and more than 100 years of manufacturing excellence, the Harris product range includes equipment, alloys used in brazing, soldering welding cutting and gas distribution industries.

Fein Welding Product Distributors & Suppliers


Fein invented the world’s first oscillating power tool in 1967 and have been consistently developing tools and accessories for almost 50 years and have the most comprehensive system for interior work and renovation in the market today. With numerous patents such as that for vibration decoupling, demonstrate their unique expertise in manufacturing power tools.

IMA Abrasivi Distributors & Suppliers


IMA was founded in 1975 and has the reputation of being a market leader in production and distribution of abrasive discs and cutting tools since. IMA holds a huge share of the Italian and international market with the trademark IMA, IMA gold and the new IMA MACH3. They are a proud member of OSA(Organization for the safety of abrasive) since 2007 and their products are manufactured as per the European safety standards.

TBI Product Distributors & Suppliers


TBI is a world wide manufacturer of high quality industrial welding equipment. Focusing on future technologies, end-user advantages and exceptional customer service are the cornerstones of TBI’s business philosophy. They mainly focus on MIG/MAG Push-Pull Systems, TIG Welding torches, Robotic Torch Systems, Plasma Welding torches, High-End Welding Torches, Consumables and accessories.


Shindaiwa is a global manufacturer of welding machines, generators, outdoor power equipment and agricultural and forest machinery. They started their journey by launching Japan’s very first electric Chain saw in the year 1955 and never looked back. The company later went on to manufacture electrical and industrial products and today they are amongst the largest manufacturers of gasoline and diesel welder as well as diesel generators and equipment.

Astra Welding Product Distributors & Suppliers


Astra is an internationally reputed brand in competitive welding and construction industry since 1982 with three generations of engineering manufacturing behind it. They manufacture a variety of engineering products, and specialize in the fasteners sector. With their in-house manufacturing capabilities, they are able to produce over 1200 different products for domestic and international customers, and worldwide exports to over 45 countries.

Ador Welding Product Distributors & Suppliers

Ador Welding Ltd.

ADOR Welding Limited is an industrial manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai India since 1951. The flagship company of the Ador Group, Ador Welding produces a variety of welding products, industry applications, and technology services, including welding consumables and cutting equipment.

TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Distributors & Suppliers

TAG Pipe Equipment

TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd. based in the United Kingdom are innovators and manufactures of a comprehensive range of pipe cold cutting and beveling machines. Fabricast is TAG Pipe Equipment distributor and supplier in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

Mathey Dearman Products

Mathey Dearman

Mathey Dearman based in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an 80-year-old company. Mathey Dearman is known as the pioneer of Mathey saddle type pipe cutters and bevellers, as well as Dearman type alignment and reforming clamps. Fabricast is Mathey Dearman distributor and supplier in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

Pipe Purging Masters (PPM)

Pipe Purging Masters (PPM)

Pipe Purging Masters (PPM) offer a comprehensive and innovative range of pipe purging equipment. PPM also offer a full range of weld purge monitoring systems to accurately measure the level of oxygen within the weld chamber for high quality purity welding. Fabricast is Pipe Purging Masters (PPM) distributor and supplier in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools

B&B Pipe & Industrial Tools

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC based in Houston, Texas is a 30 year old company. B&B manufacturers and sells Pipe Stands and Rollers, Various Carts, Rigging equipment and various Pipe Clamps and accessories. Fabricast is B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools distributor and supplier in UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

Southern Welding Systems International

Southern Welding Systems International (SWSI)

SWSI provides quality name brand products with friendly and efficient customer service, When dealing with our customers, no request is too small. SWSI is your ultimate source for welding, industrial, and safety products distributing all international markets.



Bodor Laser is an international company committed to R&D, production and marketing of laser cutting machines. The company has maintained a high growth rate since its establishment in 2008. Bodor Laser Ranked No.1 for Three Consecutive Years by Global Sales Volume of Laser Cutting Machine with Power of 1kW and above.

Aquasol Corporation

Aquasol Corporation

Aquasol has emerged as an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of water soluble and other welding consumables, including technologically advanced pipe purging devices. Aquasol recognizes that practical, innovative applications are vital to the welding process.