Column and boom application in Sub-Arc Welding!

A sub-arc welding machine (SAW) is a type of arc welding machine in which an arc generates between a constantly supplied electrode and the workpiece. The weld zone is protected by a covering of powdered flux, which creates a protective gas barrier and slag. Submerged arc welding is often utilized in sectors that involve thick steel sheets […]

Should I buy or rent a Welding Machine?

We established this site to assist you because there isn’t much information accessible on the internet nowadays regarding welders renting or owning equipment. When deciding whether or not to hire used welding machines in UAE as a welder, there are a few factors to consider. We will go through those things in more depth below. So let’s […]

Role of Column and Boom in the Welding Process!

The welding column and boom in UAE from Fabricast could be assembled with MIG, MAG, TIG, WIG, SAW, or plasma welding processes. We provide a PLC-controlled column and boom system that is made of steel profile to ensure that it is durable and dependable for long-term use. The equipment is fabricated to withstand the rigors of industrial […]

Weld right to build right, with ESAB welding equipment!

Everyone knows how ESAB became a prominent manufacturer and distributor of welding equipment, and we’re glad to announce that we’ve been working with them for quite some time. Fabricast has been supplying ESAB welding consumables UAE since 2005. We are devoted to offering the most innovative, cost-effective, high-quality welding and cutting solutions to diverse industries as a […]