About Us

FABRICAST is a professionally managed limited liability company with branches in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. We are committed to providing the most innovative, cost-effective, quality welding and cutting solutions to various industries and have been doing so, confidently, for the past decade. We pride ourselves in being one of the leading distributors of welding products and consumables in the UAE, since 2005 and continue to offer a wide range of welding consumables for diverse applications in industries like Steel, Shipbuilding, Heavy Constructions, Transport, Offshore, Energy, Repair & Maintenance, to name a few.

FABRICAST envisions being the region’s leading distributor of the highest quality of welding equipments and supplies from the top manufacturers in the industry. We are firmly committed to ensuring that the product reliability in our customers is maintained and are in the process to soon dominate the market niche of other regions in the GCC to market niche in the region.

We excel in providing complete welding solutions and are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist customers by successfully satisfying their requirements which makes FABRICAST, the ultimate choice throughout the UAE and the Arabian gulf.

We sincerely look forward to enhancing further business relations with you and being a part of your success story.

Sameer Bhalla

Managing Director